Yale University Acceptance Rate 2023

Yale Acceptance Rate 2023 [How to Get in Fast]

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If you are aspiring to be a student of the top three Ivy League schools, then Yale University is a great option even though it has a low acceptance rate.

Although this is a cause of concern, this does not mean that you should throw it in the tower.

All you need to do is to know more about the Yale acceptance rates and how you can use this information to your advantage. 

That’s why in this article, I will tell you why Yale’s acceptance rate is low, how it differs in its different academic programs and how to get admission in spite of this.

As you read you will see the yale acceptance rate for first-year, transfer, and international students as well as that of early action and regular decision applicants.

Also in this article are the Yale admission requirements, minimum GPA and SAT/ACT score you can apply with.

First and foremost we will talk briefly about Yale University and then move on to its acceptance rates for majors, mode of entry, and application options.

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Yale University Acceptance Rate 2023

Yale University: brief history and overview

Yale University is a private institution that was established 320 years ago.

This Institution is one of the Ivy League research Universities located in New Haven, Connecticut.

Fundamentally, Yale stands out with its excellent drama and music programs which is why it is unique.

Another interesting fact about this school is its production of the oldest collegiate daily newspaper.

Currently, Yale University Library is one of the largest in the United States.

Some Yale students compete in intercollegiate sports as the Yale Bulldogs in the NCAA Division I.

At Yale, there are fourteen residential colleges with each having its own dining, fitness centers, library, and facilities that are accessible by every student including off-campus students.

Also, Yale comprises fourteen constituent schools with about 12,000 graduate and undergraduate students.

Yale is famous for its academic excellence and highly selective admission as we will see in the next topic.

What is Yale University’s acceptance rate history?

The most recent acceptance rate of Yale University is 4.46% as of 2022.

There are so many reports regarding Yale University acceptance rates over the years.

For the records, let’s look into the Yale admission statistics for more clarity.

Yale admission statistics

In the year 1978 (class of 1982) 10,015 applied and 2,464 was admitted, giving us an acceptance rate of 24.6%.

Accordingly, the class of 1993 had 12,063 applications and 2,264 was admitted with an acceptance rate of 18.8%.

Also in 2002, the class of 2006 received 15,466 applications and 2,009 was admitted, giving us an acceptance rate of 13.0%.

Subsequently, in the past years (2003 – 2021) the number of applicants has gradually risen from about 17,000 to about 46,000 while the acceptance rate has dropped from 11.4% to 4.6%.

It is important to note that the number of students admitted from 1976 till date has always been between 1,878 and 2,521.

This implies that Yale’s admission is not dependent on the volume of applications

In 2022, out of 50,015 applicants, only 2,244 was admitted.

With the above statistics, it will be easy for you to know why the Yale acceptance rate is low.

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Why is the Yale Acceptance Rate low?

Yale’s acceptance rate is low as a result of a large number of applicants.

That is to say, Yale admits the number of students they can accommodate.

For instance, if 100 students apply only 4 will be accepted.

This doesn’t mean that the other 96 applicants did not meet up with the admission requirements.

As you read, we will get to know who the 4% successful Yale applicants are.

In no time, it is necessary for you to know if Yale admits by major as we will see shortly.

Does the Yale University acceptance rate differ by major?

Yes, the Yale acceptance rate differs by major even though first-year applicants do not need to apply for a specific program.

Each Yale University School has its own acceptance rates which are:

  • The acceptance rate at Yale medical school is 5%.
  • The acceptance rate at Yale law school is 7%.
  • The acceptance rate at Yale school of art is 5% – 6%.
  • The acceptance rate at Yale music school is 6% – 8%.
  • The acceptance rate at Yale school of public health is 10.6%.
  • The acceptance rate at Yale school of nursing is 29%.
  • The acceptance rate at Yale school of drama is 5.4%.
  • The acceptance rate at Yale school of management (SOM) is 23.7%.
  • Yale graduate school’s acceptance rate is 12%.

What are the 2022 Yale acceptance rate for first-year, transfer, and international students?

Below are the Yale University admission rates for each mode of entry.

Yale acceptance rate for first-year applicants

The current acceptance rate of Yale in 2022 for first-year applicants is 4.46%.

As mentioned earlier Yale offered only 2,234 students admission out of the 50,051 first-year applicants.

Yale acceptance rate for transfer students

The acceptance rate for the class of 2026 transfer applicants is 1.76%.

It is much more competitive for Yale transfer applicants than for first-year applicants.

It was reported that Yale admits about 30 transfer students each year.

Yale Acceptance Rates for International Applicants

As of 2022, Yale accepted 6.2% of international applicants for the class of 2026.

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What about Yale Early Action (REA), Quest-Bridge, and Regular Decision acceptance rates?

There are three Yale application plans for first-year applicants and they all have different acceptance rates.

1. Yale single-choice Early Action (EA) application plan acceptance rate:

EA acceptance rate for the class of 2026 is 10.9% (800 admissions out of 7,288 applications).

The Early Action plan is the same as the Yale Restrictive Early Action (REA).

This is for you if you prefer to apply early to Yale by mid-December.

It is non-binding but you are not to apply to any other university’s early action plan.

2. Yale Quest-Bridge application plan acceptance rate:

Yale received 81 Quest-Bridge finalists for the class of 2022.

Quest-Bridge is one of three Yale’s first-year application plans.

This plan is for you if you have a low financial income which is its major advantage.

Besides, you can apply to as many institutions that have financial aid for students will a low-income background.

3. Yale Regular Decision (RD) application plan acceptance rate:

Just recently, the Yale RD acceptance rate for the class of 2026 is 3.8% out of 37,495 applications received.

The Yale regular decision is a non-binding application plan which begins in April.

It is obvious that a larger number of students apply to Yale through the regular decision application plan but the Yale admissions team does not prefer any application plan over the other.

What is important is that you are eligible irrespective of your application plan.

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What are Yale University admission requirements?

 Below are the general Yale admission entry requirements.

  • Essay writing.
  • An application of $80 or request a  fee waiver.
  • Recommendation letters from two teachers and one counselor.
  • An electronic copy of your school report with the transcript.
  • ACT or SAT score.
  • An English proficiency test results if you were not taught in English or it is not your first language.
  • Your mid-year report and final report.

What GPA do you need to get into Yale? Yale average GPA requirement

You need at least a minimum GPA of 4.0 to be considered for admission into Yale.

However, most admitted candidates had an average GPA of 4.14 and above.

Yale SAT and ACT requirements

There are no specific SAT or ACT requirements for international/first-year and transfer students.

Both tests were optional for the class of 2026 and in previous years.

The most recent enrolled students had the following scores;

  • SAT  Reading and Writing score was between 720-770
  • SAT Math score range was between 740 and 790
  • ACT score was between 33-35

English proficiency test requirements

You can choose to write anyone of your choice,

  • TOEFL with a minimum internet-based score of 100 (25 on each of the three sections on the paper-based TOEFL).
  • Initial view is a live unscripted video that you can submit as proof of your English language proficiency.
  • PTE (Pearson Test of English) with a minimum score of 70.
  • A minimum score of 7 or more in IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
  • DET (Duolingo English Test) score of at least 120.

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Yale Acceptance rate 2023 [what Yale expects from applicants]

What is Yale looking for in a Student?

Yale University wants applicants with these three key qualities.

1. An outstanding academic record which includes:

  • Your transcripts (most important)
  • A high GPA
  • High SAT/ACT score
  • Consistent academic excellence
  • AP courses
  • International Baccalaureate program

Yale University takes a good look at your academic profile first and foremost before any other thing.

Thus it is necessary for you to impress the admission team with your educational accomplishments.

2. Your background and recommendations:

What your teacher and school counselor have to say about you is very important.

For this reason, It is advisable for you to request that a teacher who knows you well writes this recommendation.

Here are some fact Yale expect to see in these recommendations;

  • Academic performance
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Energy 
  • Relationship with classmates and 
  • Impact on the classroom environment.

3. Purpose driven:

The Yale admissions team asks two questions to guide their decisions as they review your applications.

They ask “Who is likely to make the most of Yale’s resources?” and “Who will contribute most significantly to the Yale community?”

You ought to answer this question yourself before applying to Yale.

Your personal essay is a great way to tell Yale more about you, so be intentional in your writing.

Therefore, your essay application should represent your core values. So, it is advisable you speak about who you are and the responsibilities you have handled.

Thus only a purpose-driven, self-motivated, relentless being with leadership qualities alongside the above-mentioned is what Yale looks for in a student.

With these, it is obvious that getting into Yale is difficult to an extent.

Is it hard to get Into Yale?

I guess you just said a yes.

With an acceptance rate of 4.46%, it is obviously hard to get into Yale University.

Notwithstanding, it is not impossible if you do your homework properly.

Let’s see what you need to put in place to be a Yale student.

How to gain admission to Yale 

There is no hard and fast rule on how to get admitted into Yale apart from having all the requirements and being optimistic.

The following tips will increase your chances of gaining admission to Yale University.

– Take AP or college prep courses if they are available because this is a plus to your academic performance.

– Get good grades and .aim for a high GPA.

– Enroll in SAT or ACT prep courses.

– In your school, you can join an athletic team, engage in student politics, or join a club.

– You can also get job experience or be involved in community service.

– Prepare for a strong essay application so that you can stand out.

– Apply early.

– Request letters of recommendation.

– Submit your mid-term report and transcript.

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Conclusion: Yale acceptance rate

Now that you are informed about the Yale acceptance rate (4.46%) and requirements you can shoot your shot in confidence.

Besides, we all know that an extremely low acceptance rate is typical in all Ivy League schools like Dartmouth University which is the smallest among them, how much more one of the top three Ivy schools like Yale.

Even though Yale’s admission process is intensely selective, it is likely you can be a Yale student if you put this information to good use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yale acceptance rate

  1. What is the lowest GPA Yale will accept?

    You can apply with a minimum GPA of 4.0.

  2. What does Yale want in a student?

    Yale seeks students who are academically sound, purpose-driven, self-motivated, and relentless.

  3. Does Yale accept by major?

    No, Yale first year students do not apply for a specific major.

  4. What SAT score is needed to get into Yale?

    There are no specific SAT score needed to get into Yale although the most recent enrolled students had a SAT score between 1460 to 1560.

  5. What are my chances of getting into Yale?

    You have a 4.46% chance of getting into yale. That means out of every 100 applicants, less than 5 students are admitted.


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