MIT Acceptance Rate 2023

MIT Acceptance Rate 2023 [What You Need To Know]

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The fact that the MIT acceptance rate is declining yearly, is worth looking into.

For instance, out of the 33,796 students who applied for the class of 2026 at MIT only 1,337 were admitted.

You need to know what it takes to be admitted into this selective top engineering school either as a first-year, transfer, or international student.

So, in this article, we will see the MIT acceptance rate in different categories such as early decision, early action, and out-of-state applicants.

As you read, we will unravel the cause of this school’s low acceptance rate.

Also on this page are some tips to get into MIT.

We will begin with an overview of MIT.

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MIT Acceptance Rate 2023

MIT: Brief history and overview

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a private research university in Massachusetts, Cambridge.

This School was founded in 1861 as the United States industry grew.

It has been known for its role in the development of modern technology and science.

At MIT, students including freshmen are opportune to work with professors during research programs.

As of 2021, MIT has about 12,000 students with more enrollments in graduate programs than in undergraduate programs.

This institution consists of six schools and colleges with over 50 majors in several fields such as engineering, economics, and political science.

In 2021 MIT ranked number 1 for the best undergraduate engineering program because of its research and innovations.

Because MIT is one of the best schools for engineering, most students who want to become engineers apply to MIT.

Let’s take a look at the MIT engineering acceptance rate.

MIT school of engineering (acceptance rate)

The MIT School of Engineering attracts students with strong mathematical skills.

This engineering school consists of ten departments including computer science, computer engineering, chemical engineering, and aerospace engineering.

Also, MIT has twenty different engineering laboratories and research centers and offers several training programs.

MIT School of engineering overall acceptance rate is 8%.

Below are some MIT Engineering majors and their acceptance rates.

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MIT acceptance rate for computer engineering

The MIT computer engineering major has an admission rate of 7%.

MIT acceptance rate for computer science

One of the best computer science schools in the US is offered at MIT with an acceptance rate of 6%.

MIT acceptance rate for aerospace engineering 

The MIT aerospace engineering acceptance rate of 7%.

Having seen the admission rate for some popular MIT programs, it will be necessary for us to consider why MIT admits few students.

MIT acceptance rate history and why it is getting low

Year of EntryClass of.ApplicantsAdmittedAcceptance Rate

MIT admission rate has decreased over the years because of an increased number of applicants and a limited class size.

As a result, admission into this institution has become more competitive and selective.

However, you need to consider the MIT acceptance rate before applying to beat the competition.

Also, it is important for all applicants to know that the MIT acceptance rates are different for each mode of entry.

Although these acceptance rates do not determine the MIT admission process rather it gives you a picture of the MIT admission process results. 

Below are the MIT acceptance rates in categories according to the most recent data.

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The MIT Acceptance Rate for first-year, transfer, and international applicants

  • The class of 2026 acceptance rate is 3.9% out of 33,796 MIT first-year applicants.
  • Currently, the acceptance rate for transfer applicants is 4.28%.
  • Also, the MIT acceptance rate for international applicants is about 4%.

What about the MIT early action and waitlisted acceptance rate

MIT admitted 4.7% out of the 14,781 early action applicants for the class of 2026.

Although, whether you apply during the MIT early action cycle or regular action cycle makes no difference.

The MIT waitlist acceptance rate is 3.6%.

Who gets into MIT?

Applicants who are academically sound, disciplined, talented, creative, and possess life coping skills are admitted into MIT.

Reports show that 97% of MIT admitted students make up the top 10% of their classes, with nearly straight As in all their courses.

These students have a high GPA, a good test score, and in most cases AP or IB results.

Aside from academic excellence, the MIT admission team is interested in your personality and the extracurricular activities you are/were involved with.

Let’s take a look at the MIT admission requirement in detail.

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What is the MIT Admission Requirement?

The MIT admission requirements included the following:

  1. A 75% application fee.
  2. Two letters of recommendation ( one from math/science teacher and another from humanities/social science/language teacher.
  3. Your secondary school report.
  4. Your transcript.
  5. SAT or ACT.

MIT average GPA requirements

The average MIT GPA requirement is 4.17.

You can also apply to MIT with a minimum GPA of 3.5 but you must compensate with a high SAT or ACT score and AP/IB results.

MIT SAT requirements

The SAT score required by MIT is not specific, students admitted scored between 1400 – 1600.

Therefore you can apply with an Average SAT score of 1,500 to MIT.

ACT score for MIT

You will need an average ACT score of 34 or more.  

MIT transfer requirements

  • As an MIT transfer applicant, a part of your application is to submit two academic evaluations from your college professor and your math or science instructor.
  • Also, you need to get a school official report from your advisor, registrar, or another school official.
  • You are to upload a copy of the transcript from each institution you attended including secondary, college, and university.
  • The required GPA and SAT/ACT score for transfer applicants are the same as the general admission requirements.
  • Note that you do not need the ACT writing section or the SAT optional essay.
  • In addition, you can also submit two supplemental letters of recommendation from either your high school teachers or employers.

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MIT international student requirements

The MIT admission requirement for international applicants is the same as the general entry requirement except for non-English students.

If you do not speak English or you were not taught in English then you have to provide English Proficiency Test results.

The English proficiency test can be any of these options:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 90 (577 paper-based).
  • Cambridge English Qualifications with a minimum score of 185.
  • PTE (Pearson Test of English) with a minimum score of 65.
  • A minimum score of 7 or more in IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
  • DET (Duolingo English Test) score between 120 – 125.

Tips to get into MIT

Now that we have seen the process and level of competition it takes to get into MIT, it is necessary for you and every other applicant to thoroughly plan your journey to MIT.

The following information will put you in the position to be the best of you as you apply.

  • Ensure you pursue academic excellence.
  • Plan to have extra classes to make up for difficult subjects.
  • Your GPA should be above 4.17.
  • Take advance placement (AP) or IB courses if your GPA needs a boost.
  • Prepare for the essays and report your course accurately.
  • Enroll for an SAT or ACT Test and make sure you study for these tests regularly.
  • Prepare to write your English Proficiency Tests (for International Applicants).
  • Engage yourself in extracurricular activities like sports.
  • Plan to participate in activities that give you opportunities to serve your community.
  • Process your Transcript early.
  • Request for counselor recommendation, report, and teacher evaluation from your high school.
  • Enter all your details carefully during your application.
  • Begin your application to MIT early.

MIT application deadline

The MIT application deadline for the early action plan is November 1 while that of the regular action is January 1.

By mid-December, the early action applicants will receive their admission decision and regular action applicant will receive theirs by mid-March.

Conclusion: MIT acceptance rate

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is indeed a renowned institution with an acceptance rate of 3.96%.

This school is one of the most selective and competitive schools for first-year, transfer, and international applicants.

With so much to offer as an institution, if you are certain you want to be a student of MIT you have to begin with your preparations from high school.

On the other hand, you can also apply to other reputable institutions like Stanford University and Harvard University while applying to MIT.

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Frequently asked questions about MIT acceptance rate

  1. Is MIT Hard to Get into?

    MIT may seem difficult to get into but with determination and the right information, you can be admitted.

  2. What does your GPA have to be for MIT?

    There are no official GPA requirements at MIT, yet you should have a minimum of 4.17 GPA.

  3. Is MIT Ivy League?

    Although MIT is a reputable academic university it is not an Ivy League University.

  4. Why is MIT so famous?

    MIT is so famous because it has one of the best Engineering programs in the world.

  5. Is MIT better than Harvard?

    Both MIT and Harvard are equally good and they both have different academic focuses and are extremely good at them.


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