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Hulu Student Discount | How to Save $8 on Streaming Subscription 2022

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If you’re a college student trying to save money while watching your favorite shows, the Hulu Student discount is one of the greatest streaming bargains available.

This article will explain all you need to know about the discount, including what it entails and who is eligible to receive it.

We’ve also pulled together other student discount systems that work with Hulu to provide you with a better streaming experience at a lower cost.

So, if you want to learn more about how to get a Hulu student discount and how to use its partnership platform, grab a cup of coffee and join us as we delve into the details. 

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What is Hulu?

Hulu is an on-demand video streaming network in the United States and Japan with a large library of TV episodes and movies.

When it comes to on-demand video, Hulu stands out from other well-known platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount Plus.

They are one of the greatest and largest streaming services available, with the best value for money.

So far, the Hulu platform has over 40 million subscribers, and they provide numerous benefits to them.

These benefits include student discounts as well as various other offers.

Continue reading to learn more about these offers.

hulu student discounts

Does Hulu have a Student Discount?

Yes, Hulu offers enticing discounts to college students up to 70% off so you only pay $1.99 per month instead of $9.99

This is Hulu’s first standalone student deal, allowing you to subscribe for $1.99 per month.

This plan saves you 70% off the Hulu (ad-supported) plan, which costs $9.99 per month.

Let’s take a look at some of the other intriguing aspects of this deal.

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Who is Eligible For the Hulu Student Discount?

As long as you’re a college student you are eligible for the offer.

In addition, as a student, you must make sure your student enrollment status remains valid.

That is, you are currently enrolled at a Title IV accredited US college or university.

This way, you get to enjoy this amazing discount accorded to students.

Continue reading as I show you the steps in redeeming this offer.

How to Sign Up for the Hulu Student Discount

Signing up for Hulu student discounts is pretty easy. 

The discount is available for both new and existing users. Moreover, the process is slightly different for each.

New Users:

For new subscribers, here are the steps to follow to make your process easy.

  • Sign up for Hulu through the student landing page by clicking the button showing sign up now on the page.
  • In verifying your student’s status, SheerID is in charge of it as they partnered with Hulu. Going by their standards, your name, college name, transcript documentation, and your ID.
  • Once your verification has been approved by SheerID that you are a student you then proceed to download the app and begin to enjoy the Hulu student discount.

Existing Users:

  • Sign in to your Hulu account using your username and password
  • Head over to Hulu’s Student landing page’ and click on the  “Get Offer,” button. This permits you to apply the student discount to your ad-supported Hulu subscription, or change to the discounted plan if you are a subscriber to another plan.
  • Verify your student status with SheerID by providing your name’ college attended transcript documentation and your ID.
  • Once SheerID has verified you as a student, download the app then go ahead to enjoy the Hulu student discount.

What Happens to Your Student Discount When You Graduate?

The Hulu Student discount is only available if you’re enrolled at a Title IV accredited university. 

After graduating, you can no longer qualify for the discount because SheerID is programmed in a way that compels you to re-verify your eligibility every 12 months.

When you can no longer re-verify due to graduating or not being enrolled at a qualifying institute, you will need to pay the normal subscription.

Come along with me as I unveil to you other amazing facts about the Hulu student discount.

Does Hulu offer a free trial?

This leaves us with a yes or no answer.

To begin with, Hulu’s student discount does not include a free trial period. Second, they provide the platform with which they have a partnership.

In this case, Hulu collaborated with Spotify to provide a student bundle that included Spotify Premium, ad-supported Hulu, and a Showtime membership.

Hulu/ Spotify Premium Student discount 

Spotify Premium is a video streaming platform that is in partnership with Hulu to offer students affordable streaming discounts. 

The popular streaming music service Spotify offers a 50 percent reduced rate, compared to its normal $9.99 a month price, for eligible college and university students.

Most importantly, they offer a one-month trial on their platform. 

Who Is Eligible for the Spotify Premium Discount?

Yes, if you are a student enrolled in a Title IV accredited college or university in the United States and are over the age of 18.

Title IV schools are those that handle federal funds. This list includes all Title IV schools.

Spotify, like Hulu, uses a third-party program called SheerID to verify your registration status.

Continue reading to learn how to sign up.

What’s Included in the Spotify Premium Student Discount?

This offer provides you with access to three services, which are as follows:

1. Spotify Premium: 

With the Spotify Premium student discount, you can listen to millions of tracks from some of the most popular artists. Users can use their devices to sync and download music. Premium, as opposed to Spotify’s free version, is ad-free and costs $9.99 per month.

2. Hulu (ad-supported) plan:

Hulu Limited Commercials (ad-supported) is also included in the student rate, and it offers thousands of movies and TV shows. This service is generally $6.99 per month.

Here’s what’s missing: Hulu offers live streaming. That means you won’t be able to watch the day’s television news programs live.

3. Showtime:

This well-known movie and television platform are supplied completely free of charge! Students will be able to access popular original programming as well as a wealth of on-demand content. This costs $10.99 each month.

You now have a better understanding of the incredible value this plan has in store for you. Let’s take a look at the price tag.

How Much Money Can the Spotify Premium Student Discount Save You?

If you want to get rid of both your music and TV streaming options in one fell swoop, this Spotify offer is absolutely the way to go.

Students can get ad-free access to Spotify Premium, Showtime, and Hulu all in one package for $4.99 a month.

According to the information above, paying for each plan separately will cost you more.

You can save $21.98 per month and $264 per year with a Spotify Premium student account!

That’s a pretty good deal, made even better by the fact that the first month is free for all three services.

How to Sign Up for the Spotify Student Discount

You will be able to set up your account without any problems if you follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Go to the Spotify Student Discount website and select “Get Started” from the drop-down menu.
  • Log in to Spotify or register for a new account by clicking REGISTER SPOTIFY.
  • Fill out your information and then click REVIEW.
  • If SheerID can confirm that you are a student, the verification process will be completed instantly.
  • Then finish the sign-up process by entering your payment information, and your free Hulu subscription will be activated.

What Are the Restrictions You Need To Know About?

The Spotify discount offer is exclusively available to higher education students who have not yet tried Premium.

According to the “Questions” portion of the rules, after the initial 12-month plan, you can only re-up three times.

So, effectively, Spotify is suggesting that you will be granted this deal for up to four years of your college experience.

What if You Already Have Spotify, Hulu, or Showtime?

If you are already a paying subscriber to Spotify, Hulu, or Showtime, you are still eligible for the reduced plan if you meet the other requirements.

Just keep in mind that your payment date will most likely alter depending on when you subscribed to the Spotify Premium discount plan.

1. For existing Hulu subscribers:

Your existing Hulu account can be included in the Spotify Premium discount if you pay Hulu directly and don’t have any premium networks added.

2. For existing Showtime customers:

If you’re currently a Showtime customer, cancel your current billing and wait until after the next billing date to link your account via your Spotify Services page.


College students are often seeking methods to save money on on-demand streaming services.

This is why Hulu prioritized students and kept the subscription price low.

Because Hulu wants to make the offer more appealing to students, they’ve partnered with Spotify to provide you with the best.

Hulu and Spotify are making it more affordable for students to access the material they enjoy with this offer.

You can now re-read the article to learn more about the discounts and determine which one is ideal for you. Likewise, the methods and qualifications.

If this article has provided you with value and knowledge, please share it with your friends so that they, too, can take advantage of the discount mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many people can be on the Hulu student account?

    Student accounts, like Hulu's normal rates, give users access to two streams at once, according to Hulu.

  2. How do I get Hulu for free?

    The simplest and most obvious way to obtain Hulu for free is to join up for a 30-day Hulu free trial.

  3. How Does Hulu Verify Student Enrollment?

    Hulu has partnered with SheerID. When you sign up for the Hulu student discount, you will now be referred to SheerID to get your identity verified.

  4. Does Hulu Student Discount give a free trial?

    No, they don't provide a free trial, however, if you need it, Spotify Premium provides it for students.

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