affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing for beginners – The complete guide

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This affiliate marketing guide for beginners will show you exactly how you can make consistent passive income online without creating or owning any product or service.

With the strategies you will learn in this guide, you will be able to monetize your Web traffic, YouTube subscribers and social media followers.

This guide contains the exact same strategies which top affiliate marketers use to earn crazy figures in earnings every month.

Even if you are just a beginner in Affiliate marketing, you will be able to use these same strategies to earn huge results for yourself. 

The big question is are you ready to do affiliate marketing the right way?

If yes, then you definitely need to read this article till the end.

Let’s cut the long talks here and get right into business.

What is affiliate marketing?

A simple way to understand affiliate marketing is that “it is the process of promoting and selling other people’s products or services for a commission.”

As simple as this may seem, there are steps you must follow to achieve success in affiliate marketing. 

You will learn more about those steps later in this article.

Let’s continue…

How does affiliate marketing work?

To really understand how affiliate marketing works, we need to first look at all the key players in this business.

There are about four key players in affiliate marketing and they are:

1. Affiliates: 

These are the people who promote products and services to earn a commission.

Affiliates are mostly content creators and social media experts.

As an affiliate, you can promote products and services using different content types like social media posts, blogs and videos.

You may also choose to use Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, or Google ads to do your promotion.

The major goal for affiliates is to make a sale because only then will they earn their commissions.

2. Sellers: 

The sellers are the individuals or companies that create the products and services to be sold.

These products can be digital such as digital courses, software packages, or online tools and services.

Physical product sellers also create affiliate programs around their products so that affiliates earn commissions when making sales.

In some cases, the seller of the product may not be the owner of the product and this will take us to see the next key player in affiliate marketing…

3. Affiliate networks:

An affiliate network act as a middleman connecting sellers with affiliates.

Basically, a seller may not want to go through the hassle of hiring web developers and programmers to set up his affiliate platform.

In that case, he can choose to upload his product to an Affiliate network that will manage everything for him.

So, affiliates can get access to the seller’s products only by visiting the affiliate network that manages the sales tracking process for the seller.

There are different types of affiliate networks such as CJ Affiliates, ShareASale, AWIN and many more.

4. Buyers: 

Since we already have sellers, we are definitely going to have buyers who are the end-users of the products and services.

For each time a buyer buys using an affiliate link the affiliate that owns that referral link will earn a commission.

Let’s wrap all of these together so that you get a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works.


Wrapping the key players together, here’s how affiliate marketing works…

First, The seller produces the products or services to be sold.

After that, he creates an affiliate platform for his products or uploads the products on an affiliate network that connects sellers with affiliates.

When affiliates sign up on the platform to advertise the products, they get a unique affiliate link for the product they want to promote.

Then, they go on to organize campaigns to distribute the link to potential buyers via social media, email marketing, blog posts etc.

When a potential buyer clicks on the link to visit the affiliate partner’s site, a cookie identifying the affiliate is saved on the website visitor’s device.

The cookie helps the seller or affiliate network to track purchases from buyers back to the affiliate that recommended the product.

That way, the affiliate receives a commission from the referral sale even if it occurs days or even weeks later.

Sometimes, the commissions are paid immediately into the affiliates payment account.

Also, the merchant may decide to hold back the affiliate commission for some days just in case the buyer requests a refund.

Other times, the commissions are only paid out on specific days of the week or month depending on the affiliate contract.

In this scenario, the affiliate can see how much he has made in his affiliate dashboard until the funds are finally released.

Now that you understand how affiliate marketing works, let’s go over a very important question you are probably already asking…

How can I start Affiliate marketing?

Starting a successful affiliate marketing business is very easy as you will learn shortly.

It only takes a full step to get started and become and a badass affiliate marketer.

Here are the simple steps that you must follow to begin your affiliate marketing journey.

1. Choose your niche wisely:

The first thing you want to do is to pick a niche.

It must be one that you are passionate about so that it is easy for you to flow and relate to the needs of your audience.

People will only trust you and follow your recommendations when they believe that you have in-depth knowledge about a topic.

Therefore, niching down to specific topics is a good way to get a lot of targeted audiences who probably have the same needs.

That way, you can recommend products that meet their needs.

For instance, instead of talking about fashion generally, you can niche down to talk only about women clothing or just shoes.

2. Choose the best channel to reach your target audience:

This step is very important for you because affiliate marketing is a game of numbers.

The more people that you can tell about a product, the greater your chances of making a sale.

So, you must choose a good platform where you can dominate easily.

It may be Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube or even a blog, whatever works best for you.

Your goal with these platforms will be to increase the number of people that get to see your affiliate links.

YouTube is a good platform to get large subscribers for almost free, however, I will recommend starting a blog.

That is because you can generate organic traffic easily with a blog.

Also, it is easier to get people to click on your affiliate links naturally when you blog.

3. Find good affiliate programs to join:

Notice that it has to be a “good” affiliate program.

Now a good question would be, “How can I identify a good affiliate program?”

There are a few criteria that you can set for judging a good affiliate program that is right for you.

You can use these criteria below;

  • It must fit with your niche.
  • Their products must be such that your audience may need them.
  • The affiliate program must have a good reputation.
  • The merchant has a good landing page that converts the leads you send through your campaigns.
  • They have quality products better than their competitors.
  • It must be easy for you to get your payouts.
  • There must be no hidden charges whatsoever.
  • They are able to track all sales and give you your commissions accordingly.
  • You are able to track your performance on the platform from your dashboard that provides all necessary statistics.
  • Most importantly, they give reasonable commissions for their products.

With all of these criteria, you are sure going to get good affiliate programs for yourself.

By now, you already know the platform where you want to promote your affiliate link.

Also, you have picked your niche and a set of good affiliate programs where you will get products from.

The next thing would be to promote the links, and the best way of doing that is to create content.

Social media content, blog posts or videos will work.

Your choice of content will still depend on the platform you chose in step 1.

If you have a good advertising budget and you want to speed things up, then using social media and running tons of ads will be a good move.

For a cheaper way, you can start a blog, work on search engine optimization, and then you will be getting a lot of free traffic to your website.

If you promoting a product with your content, ensure that you don’t appear too salesy.

Just let it flow naturally and show more empathy and concern about your audience’s problem than your need to make money.

With these four easy steps, you are all set and ready for affiliate marketing and I know you are starting immediately.

Now, what?

I promised earlier that I will be sharing some tips and strategies that will make you a badass affiliate marketer.

Well, let’s get to them quickly.

Strategies to create a successful affiliate marketing business 

At the core of the affiliate marketing business is the need to drive traffic and close deals.

So, the strategies that you should focus on learning are such that will help you to generate traffic.

Also, you need to learn strategies that will help you to convert a high percentage of the traffic into sales.

You can use these tips below to achieve all of that.

1. Choose a niche you love and only pick good products:

I know this is now sounding like a cliche but the fact that you are seeing this again in this article shows you how important it is.

Your niche is everything.

If you pick a niche that you love, it will be very easy for you to put yourself out there as an authority.

Also, the product matters a lot, much more than the network.

If the product does not solve the problem of your audience, you will not have many sales.

Many affiliates focus on joining the most popular affiliate networks out there and fail to focus on the most important thing – the product.

2. Start a blog:

This may look like a difficult thing to do seeing that it may take a while for your blog to pick up.

I tell you the truth, this may turn out to be one of the best investments for your affiliate marketing business.

Starting a well-optimized blog for your niche is a fast and easy way to generate free organic traffic.

With a good call to action, you can make consistent sales and earn from free traffic.

3. Start a YouTube channel:

Starting a YouTube channel works the same way as a blog.

The goal is to get a lot of people at the top of your funnel.

YouTube makes it very easy for you to connect with your audience on a personal level.

So, you can easily recommend any product to them and they will buy.

4. Always give value first:

The aim of everything you do in affiliate marketing is to give value.

Even the products that you are recommending should be as a result of the fact that you truly want to help your audience and not because you want to make money for yourself.

Value can come in the form of helpful blog posts, How-To YouTube videos, free ebooks, etc.

This strategy will cause your audience to fall in love and trust you.

5. Be patient and stay consistent:

Consistency is the key to success in affiliate marketing.

You don’t promote your affiliate links just once and expect all the sales you desire.

You have to create content often and keep your audience warm.

When you share content consistently, your audience will always anticipate your content.

So, when you make a recommendation, they will quickly jump on the offer.

6. Use solid calls to action (CTA):

Your calls to action must always to clear and solid.

Also, it must be easy for your audience to locate your CTAs and navigate to where they can buy the product.

You can use buttons for your CTA, change the colour of the text or make it bold altogether.

If you are making videos, then make sure to direct your audience to where they can find your affiliate link.

For videos, you can put the link in the description or as the first comment under your post. 


Affiliate marketing is a beautiful marketing model that favours every player in the game.

The seller makes money when the affiliate makes a sale, also, the affiliate earns a commission for the same transaction.

The affiliate network also makes money by collecting transactions and other management fees while customers are happy to get products that solve their problems.

This amazing cycle of affiliate marketing is one that begs you to hop in immediately and start making huge returns for yourself.

It’s a win-win all over.

Click here to learn about these convincing reasons why you should start affiliate marketing today.

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